Wpf dependencyproperty binding not updating

Posted by / 16-Sep-2017 08:57

Wpf dependencyproperty binding not updating

So if Microsoft has not invested in this integration it clearly demonstrates that WPF is no more a first-class citizen in Windows and it prefers to dedicate all its workforce to Win RT, and I think this is a reasonable decision.

And if Microsoft did not invest in this it’s simply because it tries to get rid of Win32 to replace it with Win RT which is specially tailored for the new IT trends.This is a strong explicit sign given to developers that they should not invest more time in this technology and instead devote their time to Win RT which benefits from new dedicated certification paths.Maybe Microsoft will step back and postpone this removal like it did with other certifications after the developers community complained, but that won’t change the fact WPF is no more the priority.Contrary to his predecessor Satya Nadella’s global strategy for Microsoft is “cloud first and mobile first“, so exit the traditional desktop model, and again this is a very sane strategy.But precisely WPF was designed for the “old” model: fat desktop applications, whereas Win RT uses a totally different model, taking into account the new mobile needs.

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As every Microsoft technical team the WPF development team owns a blog where the team’s members share their expertise on WPF with the community.

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